Skuttle 600B Humidifier Parts

The Skuttle 600-B humidifier is a whole house humidifier designed to be installed on a forced air heating system for a home or office. Maximum humidifier efficiency depends upon the tightness of your home, the hardness of your water and a variety of external factors. Consult us for the Skuttle home humidifier that's best for you. The humidifier filter on your Skuttle 600B humidifier must be replaced at least once per year for optimum performance and to increase the life of your humidifier and heating equipment.

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880 Humidifier Plates

880 Humidifier Plates

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880 List Price: $20.62 Sale Price: $17.18

Skuttle A00-1128-005 Saddle Valve

Skuttle Saddle Valve

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A001128005 List Price: $12.25 Sale Price: $10.21

Skuttle C48-000-000 Float Valve Assembly

Skuttle C48000000 Float Valve Assembly

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C48000000 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

Skuttle SEH-7100-000 Automatic Humidistat

Automatic Humidistat

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SEH7100000 List Price: $108.28 Sale Price: $90.23

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