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Skuttle 90-SH1 Skuttle Humidifier

SKU#: 90SH1
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Product Description

Skuttle 90-SH1 Humidifier. Whole house bypass style humidifier. Operates on 24 volts. Can be mounted on the supply or return air duct system. Requires 6 round bypass duct. The manufacturer is sometimes referred to as Drumatic but is actually SkuttleŽ.

Product Reviews

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Sep 13, 2012
Skuttle 90-SH1 Humidifier by H. Vanderploeg (Milltown Ne US)

My house was built in 1970 and I had a #90-SD Skuttle Humidifier installed on the furnace. I have been highly satisfied with it for 42 years!! This year, the humidistat failed and the motor connection to the shaft wore out; so it was no longer cost effective to do partial replacement. Besides, the furnace vent sheet metal was rusted thru where the unit was attached. I ordered the complete replacement, and after I did a sheet metal repair, I installed the replacement in one afternoon. If it lasts another 42 years, I will never know.


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