Skuttle 00SHAFT000 Flushing Timer Kit. Flushing timer kit for any brand of drum and reservoir type humidifier. This device will greatly reduce the annual cleaning time for any humidifier that has a water basin in it. Automatically flushes the humidifier water pan with fresh, clean water every two hours. Programmable to 10, 20 and 30 second flushes per cycle. Simple to install kit with fittings for existing humidifier sump. Plugs into 120 volt receptacle with approximately 10' long cord. You will still need to take your humidifier apart and clean it each year but by flushing the water out periodically this unit will flush away most of the mineral deposits in your humidifier.


More Information
Manufacturer Skuttle
Product Type Replacement Part
Product Length 4.200
Product Width 3.800
Product Height 2.850
Product Weight 0.835
Package Length 10.550
Package Width 10.350
Package Height 4.700



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