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Skuttle 000-1731-012 Float Valve Assembly

SKU#: 0001731012
List Price: $35.05 Sale Price: $29.21
Product Description

Replacement float valve for Skuttle whole house humidifiers. Includes valve and seat assembly but not float. The manufacturer is sometimes referred to as Drumatic but is actually Skuttle®.


5 1/4 (inches)
1/4 (inch)
1/2 (inch)
1 (oz)
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Product Reviews

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Feb 18, 2017
Good purchase by Steve (Albuquerque NM US)

Had never done this service before. Was able to locate the float valve assembly and float ball quickly. Shipping was quick. Installation went great.

Jan 11, 2015
DIY Float Valve by George Bond (HENDERSONVILLE NC US)

This year's HVAC fall tune-up found the float valve rusted and inoperative. My supplier would have fixed it for probably $70 in parts and $120 in labor. I took a look at the broken unit and thought that if I couldn't swap out a very simple valve with a pair of small crescent wrenches than I wasn't much of a home handyman. I ordered the parts from and they arrived in short order. The actual installation took all of 5 minutes BUT, the float level had to be set if the factory setting was not accurate. In theory you needed to level the unit on your workbench, hook it up to a water source and then bend the rod ala the old toilet bowl float technique. I didn't have water at my bench but instead attached a piece of plastic tubing and blew through it as I poured water from a pitcher into the pan. When the float valve shut off my air I measured the water level. Turns out that the float was not correctly set at the factory but was easily set with the bending technique we have all used to set the toilet float. So.... 5 minutes to set the level, 5 minutes to install the float assembly and another 5 minutes to re-install the unit on the furnace plenum. I don't have the invoice in front of me but recall it to have been about $35 so I saved $155 with 15 minutes of work. If you are a basic home handyman there is no reason not to do this job yourself. After all, even if you screw it up, you can always call your HVAC guys and let them finish the job!

Dec 22, 2014
Skuttle float valve by L.Rodriguez ( US)

Exact replacement worked great

Feb 2, 2013
head dog by ( )

Sep 10, 2012
Office by Sonya Johnson (Wilkesboro NC US)

Very satisfied, received product in a timely matter.

Mar 6, 2012
It worksq by Norman Kahn (Madison Heights VA )

Got tired of trying to fix the problem with overflowing of the water chamber. Knew it was the float or the valve. Found out it was the float. Ordered both parts before I took it apart. New float bowl assembly works as it should. Old one does, too, so I guess I have spare parts.

Dec 27, 2011
"Skuttle 000-1731-012 Float Valve Assembly" by William Weisgerber (Troy MI US)

Built and shipped as promised.


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